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sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

VA This Is House Music Vol.2

18 VA This Is House Music Vol.2 – 21.01.2011

VA This Is House Music Vol.2
Genre: House
Size: 390.70 MB
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1Hz / Stereo

01.Gregor Wagner, Karl Frierson Talking About House (Abel Ramos Meerbusch with Love Mix) 07:27
02.Love Beat Find Out Feat. Polina Griffith (Etienne Ozborne Remix) 06:10
03.Remaniax, Disfunktion Bestiole (DJ Groover Mix) 06:45
04.Divided Souls Housemusic is Life Feat. Wilkine Brutus (Mikro Housebrothers & Boris Roodbwoy Summe 06:42
05.Tony Gomez Tell Me (John Dahlback Remix) 05:09
06.Kid Massive, Mc Flipside Lose Control (Micha Moor Mix) 06:58
07.Dabruck & Klein, Stafford Brothers Open Up Your Arms (Original Mix) 05:58
08.Jesse Garcia Work it Out (Sebastian Gnewkow (Remix) 07:26
09.Distant People Rhythm of My Love Feat. Hannah K (Loui and Scibi Remix) 06:20
10.Homeaafairs the Only Way is Up Feat. C. Robert Walker (Bigroom Mix) 06:43
11.Crazibiza Everybody (Original Mix) 06:43
12.Hoxton Whores, Bass Kleph Depth Charge (Main Mix) 08:19
13.Kevin Andrews Wallalu (Jesse Garcia Remix) 06:37
14.Andrew Phillips the Saxophonist (Criminal Vibes Remix) 05:43
15.Mike Cortez, Milkwish at Night with My Lady (Les Schmitz and Alex Del Amo Remix) 06:25
16.Patric La Funk, Jorgensen That s Why (Alan Lockwood Remix) 06:45
17.Discoden Must Be You (Original Mix) 07:20
18.Ivan Pica, Rousseau 3 Elements (70s Vocal Mix) 07:38
19.Max Freegrant Sex Drugs (Original Mix) 06:33
20.Superfunk Ragga Mc (Houseshaker Mix) 07:43
21.Christian Falero, Adrian Villaverde Think About Me (Chris Moody Remix) 07:48
22.Luxion, Kav with the Sound Feat. Ruby Rhythm (Original Mix) 07:04
23.Kevin Andrews Schuum (Main Playerz Remix) 07:43
24.Josha, Paul Misano 180 Degrees Feat. Polina Griffith (Original Mix) 07:40
25.Agraba Wide Up Feat. Trox (Incognet Remix) 06:22

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